Sunday, June 5, 2011

I bet I moved a ton of stuff this week.

Physically, I wore myself out very thoroughly this week.
Monday: Mom said I couldn't carry the boxes of her new expedit bookcase in from the car, because together they weigh 150 lbs. So I did. And I knocked off her mailbox, but I put it back. Anyway then we had to spend like 2 hours putting that nonsense together, and I wore out my wrist screwing a thousand things together with an allen wrench. Then I put a small but heavy dresser/desk into my car and took it out- both times with help. Then I brought a small bookcase to school and installed it.

Tuesday: Ferried books to my "office" from the library

Wednesday: Returned all of my filming equipment to Media Services on the bus because parking is a headache. The tripod and flash camera were easy, and the light kit was very hard. It's a hard sided case with a lot of bulbs, cords, three tripods, those metal boxes that shield the bulbs and have barn doors attached, and the rest of the accessories are pretty light.

Thursday: Installed my brick barbell and bricks. Pushed an anvil and section of tree trunk across the metal shop (I had help for part of the way). Carried and dragged 45 books (with assistance) up the hill from the library to the art department.

Friday: moved my whole installation-with bookcases now full- to put carpet under it, then moved it back. Someone put the anvil back where it belongs but I didn't feel up to pushing it back where I needed it for my installation.

Saturday: Slept, nursed purported hangover symptoms that were more probably from lack of sleep and exertion.

Sunday: moved all of my furniture to one side of my room, polished the floor, moved it to the other side, polished the floor.

Monday: Moved all sculptures and installations (2 carloads) home from school.

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hi Caitlan
i haven't visited your blog in a year .

have an awesome summer .k.

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