Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pageant television

I am watching Little Beauties on VH1. Here is a more informed analysis than mine, since mine is based on watching the end of a show. It is a show about 5 and 6 year old beauty contestants and their mothers. It is a very strange phenomenon. I think the way the moms treat their girls is very strange. Also the moms are not what you would expect. Some of them are average weight but most of them are overweight, and here is this conformy beauty thing they are sort of throwing their energy into. And they have very plain, strange clothes, sort of frumpy, with their girls in gowns and ruffled swimsuits and giant tiaras. I actually can not tell the pairs of tiny blond girls and frumpy women apart so I can not follow the plot of who is winning or the favorite or what. Also, and this is not at all the main concern with this hobby: how clever is it to teach your daughter that an attribute is essential and valuable, when you yourself are lacking that attribute? No one is supposed to think they are a princess, right? Princesses have to be taught humility and grace, or their public will not love them, and when they get older they will not be good advisors and rulers. And these little girls are a little bratty, I think it is bad for them to be in pageants. "I look better than they do" whines one little girl when other girls place above her. Her mom tries to placate her, instead of telling her she loves her or something she agrees and shushes her.

I was a little girl in a bathing suit once, and I was not put on a stage with false teeth (to hide the gaps from missing baby teeth) and a spray tan, and I think that was for the best.

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