Sunday, August 31, 2008

Damn it, Utah.

In California, our major city is a little trashy, a little materialistic... or rather, it's the materialist capital of the continent. And our other major city, well... It attracts the weirdness from so many countries, not to mention all over this one... But utah! Utah has the North American Jerusalem, which is nicer than the other one because no one is arguing over who gets it. And then I found this pair of headphones made there which I am pretty sure breaks commandments and goes against the beatitudes.
It's shiny! It's an $80 pair of headphones made of gilt and fur. I'm coveting it pretty hard... let me look up the other commandments... that's why it bothers me! Because it's idoltastic. I have already used up this week's fudget (fun budget) and $80 is much more than my fudget anyway.

But it is a fact that I am using an old, broken pair of headphones that we were going to throw out of the hostel lost and found. It is furthermore a fact that I have gone through 9 pairs of headphones in the last year. I imagine it is because I didn't have such a nice pair.

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