Saturday, June 21, 2008

Work Crew, work,and the recession

The other day I got home from el pollo loco and when I mentioned to skip that my boss is really hard to get along with he said, "who, Eric?" (because he and eric are friends) and I said no, el pollo loco. And he said he couldn't believe I was still working there, he thought I'd be long goen from that job. And I just said no, I still like the other cashiers and the atmosphere, and I'm goign to give it a month and then decide whether I want to carry on working there. But what I was thinking was, quit my job? During a recession? Because my boss and I have different communication styles? There is no way I would ever do that. Because, I am not a quitter, I am really good at it, I am making 25% more than minimum wage (thanks to tips), and the opportunity cost (thanks econ!) of me spending my weeknights out of the house instead of in front of the tv is totally worth it. Because it is a recession! You can't turn down money doing something respectable and educational (I have officially sold chicken in every language I know except Welsh! And the Japanese tourists I helped were really not able to order chicken in English, I wasn't just showing off. I did do a little happy dance though.) and perspective-broadening during a recession. Waste not want not, you know?

(I am blogging on the bus (thank you wifi!) so if this post seems really disjointed it's because I keep staring out the window and contemplating life instead of soldiering on and finishing a complete thought.)

I feel like the recession is definitely working okay for me so far, honestly. It feels responsible. We as a country haven't any money so we are taking up clipping coupons and eating in, clothing exchanges and going to junior college first. It feels wholesome. IT's like planting a victory garden and darning our socks, except it isn't any work at all, just a retreat from consumption.

I do worry about people on the fringe of financial survival though.


Richard Jennings said...

There are still great jobs posted on the web but since sites like Monster, careerbuilder and the usual suspects charge employers to post jobs, those sites dont have all the postings anymore. I found some free sites that feature high paying jobs

Go for it!

Robert van de Walle said...

Wifi bus publishing! Yay! It is the FUTURE!