Saturday, June 7, 2008


So at the hostel a guy wants to book for tonight with the option to call us and cancel and not get charged. So I told him we charge for cancellations with less than 48 hours notice and I'd need his cc number to hold the spot. He told me "you guys have it on file" and left. So I didn't book it. He came back to ask if I'd found his Nat Shermans and I told him that I hadn't and that we don't keep credit card numbers on file. So he left. Then he came back later with his credit card and once I entered his info he said "if I come in and cancel right at 5 you won't charge me?" so I told him if we don't sell the space we might not.

That's why you live at a hostel and with friends, dude. Because you have to process the things you hear and respond to them. There is basically no way around learning to do it.

It reminded me of one of the amazingly sweet artists in my foundation class, who made a painting reminiscent of the posters and album art of the 1960s. We said it looked like an acid trip and she said, "yeah, I was going to do scenes from my acid trip but it was too complex so I just did an impression." Which on the surface is really kind of funny, but also she is paying like 120k (if she only spends 4 years in college) for her art degree, and it kind of seems like she could trip on her couch maybe? At home? And someone could go to college who wanted to be something he couldn't either teach himself or learn at an artists village?


I don't know. I try not to get to far into worrying about social structures and political ideologies but I think I would be wholly in favor of a meritocracy.

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