Saturday, May 31, 2008

Parentheses Day! (yay!)

I think the most annoying part of being an adult is having to keep track of money. (There are other annoying things, too- like complete legal culpability from now until I die) I was going over my spending for the last 2 months and I'm only spending $20/week on groceries (thank you, endless supply of free food at work) but then I realized I was spending another $19 (on average) at restaurants. How is that possible? I eat out like never! Also where are all of these clothes I keep buying? I am only in student loan debt, not credit card debt or anything, but it's sad that if I only kept from buying clothes and accessories this month (what did I even buy? Shoes and a jacket? Why did I buy a jacket in California in spring when I already have jackets?) I would have $88 to spend on art supplies. Right now I'm playing with all of the additives for acrylic paint that make it incredibly more cool. No one knows whether acrylic lasts longer or less long than oil paints because acrylics were invented in the late 1950s. Thank you, the late 1950s!

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Robert van de Walle said...

Parentheses day (how did I miss it)?

Very entertaining posts, Caity. I love the way you write.