Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I thought I had a new hobby.

The lost and found at the hostel is kind of awesome. It gets full really fast because it is just 2 rubbermaid bins and people are forever leaving behind their pants and shoes and shampoo. So, after 3 weeks/whenever it overflows we take the oldest stuff to goodwill. But, the tiny things we never take out because someone might call us and ask about their headlamp that they left in California and it doesn't take too much space. I decided, though, when someone found a locked combination lock, that after a month I would claim it as my own because it seems like a useful and slightly frustrating hobby- just turning it to all the numbers I can think of on the theory that someday I will be in tune enough with the original owner that the combination will come to my fingertips and I will have a useful tool in place of my hobby. It is a really nice lock, sleek and black with gold wheels and I could buy my own for $5 but that is not the point. However, this would be a more long term hobby with a lock with more than a thousand possible combinations.

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Eyepoke said...

The shadow knows.