Saturday, August 18, 2007


So I'm on vacation in Washington. I absolutely adore the climate and the foliage. In California plants look like they are being tolerated, sort of isolated and confined, but in Washington there are hundreds of kinds of tree and fern and flower everywhere, spilling over the boundaries and growing and growing. It's refreshing and relaxing and gorgeous. I seriously considered a couple of Washington colleges, but I'm glad I'm going with Santa Cruz because the people here are very different from what I grew up with. When I told Grandma Colleen I'm going there she asked if I had it all figured out. After a bit of conversation I figured out she was asking if I'd been accepted. Aunt Sue did the same thing. Perhaps when they went to school colleges didn't enroll students until the start of classes.

Grandma Colleen and Aunt Sue are cat people- cat stories, cat impressions, and pet cats. I understand cat people because I'm the same way with shoes. "Where are we going today?" I ask them.

So today I got these shoes and also a pair with sort of mini british flags on them (That is a very good flag for putting on things, compared to all the two and three stripe flags and the flags with pictures of animals or whatever.) I can remember the old days when after a year my feet would outgrow all the most fantastic shoes, but now I can keep shoes for my entire life! Stylistically, I'm excited about my twenties and thirties but after that I'm not sure... Grandma Colleen and Aunt Sue get the LL Bean catalogue delivered and I'm pretty sure I can't rock supima cotton full fit tees or whatever. I mean, if models can't... On the other hand, my eleven balls of sportweight lambswool yarn should be delivered by the time I get home. So I clearly have at least some mature... inclinations.

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