Thursday, October 15, 2015

Calling Bullshit on that Cute Starbucks Video

I want this little video to be true. I want there to be reasons for things!

Starting with letters from my grandparents addressed to "Kaitlyn" I have been desensitized to misspellings of my name. I spell it for people once or twice and then I let it go, including when it is pretty important.
Work, insurance, contracts... if someone else has to input my name, especially over the phone, but including when they have it in front of them on paper, it is likely to be messed up. 

I emailed my boss about this once and then washed my hands of it. 

 Whoops! That's my misspelled state issued ID. I've been in to remedy this one several times. The last time I went in the DMV person said that it was corrected in their system and my next card would have the correct spelling. But then I went to their website to handle something and it had me listed as Caitlin. I just bring my (correctly spelled) passport when accuracy is important.

Recently someone made a big deal out of getting the spelling right (which is normal) and then actually spelled it right (which is not) and I was so touched. My laptop broke and I had to phone Lenovo to get them to handle it. It was a bad connection so we used the NATO alphabet and yet the case ended up under C. Sandery. Two weeks later the laptop was mailed back and I had to retrieve it from FedEx. They checked my ID and I'd rehearsed what I would say about the name discrepancy but the person was completely indifferent. Fair enough. Even if it's more an annoyance than an obstacle, it just seems sloppy to have all of these misspellings around that I have to try to remember, so I resolved to be more proactive and less indifferent.
And then I went to the doctor and 100% forgot to take a look at my prescription before I left. 

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