Friday, June 21, 2013


The highlight of my day today was driving to the grocery store. I had to hill-start my car because I the battery died from driving it so infrequently now that the water pump complains the whole way. It's a reliable car that never needs push-starting so I am a novice. I was pushing and pushing it with all my might, and it wasn't moving, so I took this photo to prove that it was on an incline. But it turns out I was either in gear or in neutral, whichever is wrong. 
At the grocery store I had to smile when I saw this Home Style Sauerkraut. I have only made kraut 3 times, but it comes out amazing because I use the same equipment, ingredients, and climate that my Dad has used to perfect the process. So I have this false feeling of mastery. 
And this is what it looks like, a gorgeous jewel. The reason it's pink is it's half red cabbage, half white, and the reason it comes out so good is that you crush the vegetables with your hands with salt for a long time and it breaks down. 

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MFA Mama said...

Ohhhh I've made kraut before, and it's SO good when you make it at home!