Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Marlboro Graduation

I went to Marlboro, VT, with my boyfriend's family for his graduation. We flew to the East Coast then drove to Vermont. Vermont is the nicest! 
 I went there for the first time in Fall and thought it was such a perfect fall place, with jack o lanterns and forests full of color changing trees. So I was surprised to see that it pulled off springtime beautifully. (In my part of the world we have rainy, dry and fresh, hot with intermittent hot spells, then dry and dusty. We have orange leaves in fall and snowflakes in winter because children cut them out of paper. So I am familiar with seasons in theory only.)
 Right away after the sweet graduation everyone had to move out of campus housing. This little guy turned up when Cottage 2 cleared out their freezer.
 There are sugar shacks all over. A sugar shack makes maple syrup out of maple sap. This one is in someone's yard and it works on the honor system.
We weren't close to this Norman Rockwell Exhibition/Sugar Shack (and our days were very packed) so we didn't go, but I imagine it is sweet as anything. 

I took this little narwhal along. He's really at home anywhere.

I don't have a particular reason to go to Vermont again, since Casey has moved back to California (yay!!) but it is very green and comfortable and lovely.

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