Sunday, March 11, 2012

March Resolution- Cello

When I set resolutions this year, I decided that in March I would Go On An Adventure. But then, I didn't want to, so I swapped with the month whose resolution is Play Cello For 30 Hours. So far, I have got 1/60 of that done, and March is 1/3 over. 
Stringtown, OK, sent my postcard back in a special envelope, probably so their postmark wouldn't get marked over at the Tulsa sorting plant.
I started playing cello in my first year of middle school, but I just learned to distinguish notes last summer. It's hard to stay motivated since my playing sounds really bad. Cello is my favorite instrument, though, and mine glows in the sun. Once I live somewhere permanently and have a consistent budget, I will start taking lessons again.

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