Wednesday, November 2, 2011

If you have a Christmas with no money, by no means should you tell your children they are missing out and give them cash. You should ideally pass down something from your family, and do it with sparkle and pomp and gravitas, or if you haven't got that in you you could make them something cunning with your special skills, something wooden or a bit of fiction starring them. And if you haven't got children that can appreciate that sort of gift, giving such gifts to them is a start.
Am I going to be so utterly drained by life that I can't coax a stable of unicorns from a few sheets of printer paper, when it counts?

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Diane Dew said...

Any children lucky enough to have such a creative adult in their lives are way more fortunate than those that receive lots of plastic toys or whatever. You are a shining light! Your posts always make me smile or weep (or both).