Sunday, September 18, 2011


I was feeling guilty for sleeping all day (from 11am to 6pm), until I realized that a well person couldn't do that anyway. Maaaybe I should have bought Dayquil instead of Nyquil, but it was a frightening orange color, and the mint Nyquil was bad enough. Now I am missing the dinner my house is having to welcome the person who is taking over my room. I am going to do laundry and return library books like a champion. (a champion sews her socks together and returns more than a hundred library books at once).


Beauty said...

I used to keep a wee brass safety pin at the top of one sock of every pair. When I took them out I'd use the pin to pin them together, and they'd go through the laundry as a pair, and get put away as a pair. The only downside was people asking me all the time why I had a pin on my sock. When I explained they were never impressed by my ingenious system :-(

Caitlan said...

That sounds super easy, and then i would always have a safety pin for any incidental pinning I might have to do.