Wednesday, July 6, 2011

1shot enamel

I know people use a sprayer to paint cars. I don't have space where spraying would work, and I am very good with a brush. I used all my tricks and wiles. And that paint was like, "Yeah, I'm metallic gold. You're getting brushstrokes." And I was like, "Noooooooooo." It's a thin, quick drying oil based paint that has amazing pigmentation and a tendency to drip. I put it on in sections, starting at the bottom with horizontal strokes that I blended vertically into the next horizontal stroke. At the end of each vertical stroke I reduced pressure a lot and feathered the brush across the drying paint. I didn't get a picture because I had to come inside to calm down.

Okay, I calmed down.
Now that I know I'll have brushstrokes I guess I will have to use them somehow to mimic metal surfaces. I could use scumbling to mimic burnishing. I guess I could learn more about faux finishes in metal.


flyingvan said...

Have you considered gold leaf? Sheets of it from Michael's are pretty inexpensive. Please post pictures as you progress!

Caitlan said...

I did look at the price of gold and copper leaf and size (to help it stick) but i thought paint would be easier and cheaper.