Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I am the worst at cramming, actually. But I found that I like studying Microeconomics more when I can internet it instead of looking through pdfs. I have developed a very nice, streamlined set of notes based on wikibooks. As a workaround to how I can't memorize graphs because there are infinitiy of them I have made a one page drawing of all the curves, each on their own axes. It's helping a lot.

So that is my cramming success story. My cramming failure story involves printing 200 pages of Astronomy pdfs 4 to a page, cutting them out, and making a tiny, tiny astronomy textbook for only about $5.

It's taken 2 hours so far.
I'm going to lightly tea stain it and make it a navy blue cover with !latin! and maybe a silver map of the orbits, including Europa and them.

This is all part of my plan to become an astronomy hobbyist with the scope and mostly an orrery. I am going to make one during spring break. Not a working one, though apparently you can make one of just the sun, earth, and jupiter from a clock because jupiter's orbit is 11.86 times slower than earth's.

That is the cheat way, but the real way apparently involves sandcasting and looks impossible:

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